The power of the Cordycepin with the miracle wonders of herbs combined, the source of the energy!

The Effects of the

"Codysepin Pro, as a principle of improving blood circulation, it is good for men and women of all ages!

Improvement of Prostate

Improve Blood Circulation

Improve Chronic Headaches, Detoxification by Urine/Fecal Excretion, Boost Immunity, Improvement of Cold Hands and Feet, improvement of Menopause Effect, Improvement of Diabetes and Blood Pressure, Hepatoprotective Effect, Enhance Kidney Function, Fatigue Recovery, Increase Endurance, Deep Sleep, Stress Relief

You Can Feel the Effects, Immediately

The Excellent Effects of CORDYCEPIN PRO

According to oriental medicine, if the function of the kidneys decreases, not only does the stamina decrease, the internal organ functions poorly.

"Cordycepin" has the effect of replenishing the ki of the kidneys.

It improves blood circulation throughout the body and relieves blood clots & cholesterol.

With the golden combination of cordycepin and precious herbs, it boosts the energy of the kidneys and your body.

Blood Circulation

Improve Prostate Health
Ease urine excretion

Increase Vitality

Composition of CORDYCEPIN PRO

China's first Emperor Qin Shi Huang searched for the Elixir of Life, the Cordyceps!

The Best Herbs In One Tablet !


The Best Aphrodisiac, DEER ANTLER

- Vitality for Men!


Immunity Booster, BLACK GINSENG

- A Natural Anti-Cancer Substance!
Ginsenoside (Saponin) with Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Effect, 20 Times that of Red Ginseng

Maca - 2

Peruvian Wild Ginseng, MACA

- The Best Choice for Strong Men! Arginine gives vitality and smoothes hormone secretion.

Oxichosanol - 1

Energy source for migratory birds, OCTACOSANOL

- The Power to Fly Thousands of Miles
As Saturated High-Grade Aliphatic, Helps to Increase Endurance!


A Valuable Herb with a Long History, ALOES

- A Precious Herb to Overcome Senility


1. Tested and Inspected by the Certified Testing Lab of Korea Food and Drug Administration!

2. Registered with Korea Food and Drug Administration!

3. Registered with the US FDA!

4. Haccp Certification completed by the Korea Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety!

You can take it with confidence!


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